Woven by Tokyo: Advice on their recruitment process

Any advice on the level or difficulty of the technical questions that I could expect during interviews for Woven?

I would appreciate any info I can get here or at 22ni1znz@duck.com

Thank you!

Here’s what someone said about Woven’s interview questions in the TokyoDev discord:

The questions tend to change across teams, but some teams reuse the same questions for all candidates.as for the type, that also depends on the team. In my case and some of my friends experiences were that they tend to be on the easy to medium level problems about not that difficult problems. Never heard of any problems with any of the topics you mentioned as hard. Dfs/bfs on a tree or graph might be asked as I don’t think they’re that advanced but I haven’t heard of it asked before. Mostly stacks, queues, linked lists, dictionaries, etc

I was asked only one leetcode problem when applying for CityOS and it was a famous leetcode problem that you would most likely have solved if you do any of the frequency lists