Which technologies are popular in Japan?

Hi guys,

I’m happy that I found this forum.
My name is Hannes and I’m an application developer for the Microsoft Dynamics Business Products. My wife is Japanese and at one point we want to live and work in Japan.

Unfortunately, working will not be easy for me in Japan, because “my” technology is not very popular in Japan (there are around 3 Companies in whole Japan who are working with the product I’m skilled in.).

Now, in my current job, I have the opportunity to learn a new technology. And I’m more or less able to choose by my own which technology it should be.

From your perspective, what are the popular technologies in Japan?
For example, is Visual Studion with C# a popular technology?

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Hi, +1 on this question, I also would like to know about the C# world and Japan nowadays.

In the Fintech industries in Japan, C# is primarily used in Banks and Finance dealing with Swaps, Derivatives, & Features.