Where is IT cluster in Tokyo? (like Silicon valley in Sanfansisco)


I’m a newbie Web-developer who is interested in working in Japan.
I go to Tokyo next month and I want to feel the air of the Japan IT company industry.
I would love to walk along there and having some meeting would be much better!
(Have so many questions about Japan’s IT company and want to have conversation face to face)

Any suggestions?

I don’t think Japan has anywhere like Silicon Valley, in that though tech startups are concentrated in places like Shibuya, there is so much else going on that it doesn’t have any particular techie vibe to it.

Your best bet is looking for developer events to attend on places like Meetup and Doorkeeper. You can also see the #events channel of TokyoDev’s Discord.


Thank you so much for your answer and advices!
I should check what you’ve mentioned!
Have a good day :slight_smile: