Where can I sell a good idea?

Hi everyone I hope you have an adventurous day!

I’m looking for a relocation opportunity but I haven’t completed my Bachelor’s degree yet.

about 4 months ago a brilliant site idea pops into my mind, so I start building it with my friend.
It’s a site to help lots of people, mainly teenagers, and I don’t know why but “no one” ever made a site to help with that problem.

Now I’m thinking of presenting it to places that might be interested in investing in it, and instead, my first and most important demand will be a relocation, not money.

Where can I present it? I thought of everywhere I know, from Unicef and Unesco to Bizworld. What other place do you suggest?

And how should I present it?
Do you think it’s possible at all to get a relocation this way? (I rate our idea 9/10 and it can help millions of people)

Thank you all,
Sina Olfati

No-one will pay money for an idea, no-one will invest in an idea. Build the website and deploy it online, get users and steady growth and make it into a successful business model, use that to raise money through whatever avenues you have available, and maybe one day - several years from now - you’ll be able to get someone to acquire it.

If you want relocation, finish your degree and apply for work overseas.

Thank you for your comment.

Actually, we are about to finish building it.

Where do you think will buy it or who may become our sponsor in the future?