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What is the best FullStack dev Stack for Tokyo, starting from Python

What would you recommend as the best stack to learn for Tokyo FullStack jobs, especially if I am coming from a Python background. Obviously I should learn Javascript, but would you recommend React, Vue.js, etc? Is there anything else you would add, if you had the choice?

Just for reference:
Python backend engineer exp : 2+ years,
Flask exp (not professionally) : 1+ years
AWS : Solutions Arch level
MySQL : 1 year

Thanks in advance.

You can see the relative popularity of the different frameworks in this survey.

One other thing you can do is learn the basics of a couple different frameworks, and come to your own opinion about what you like best. If you can make an argument why you like a given framework, you’re more likely to be accepted by any company regardless of whether they use it.

Thanks for the help again!
The survey helps a lot. I think Vue.js is not as popular abroad, but it seems to be a growing option in Japan.