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Visiting Tokyo soon - meet for coffee? good Doorkeeper events?

Hi there!

My name is Dave and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am a Mechanical Engineer who is currently pivoting over to Frontend Development. Because Philly is a JavaScript / React town, I’ve been focusing on those with an eye toward Full-Stack Development. My portfolio (including mechanical projects) may be viewed here:

My in-laws live in the greater Tokyo area. We will be visiting later this soon (Oct 15-29) to celebrate my Father-in-law’s 喜寿.

If any developers here would be interested in meeting up in Tokyo for a coffee and chat one of those days, I’d love to learn more about your experiences working as a developer in Japan and learn whatever I can about this profession.

Also, I’ve been searching for events on Doorkeeper to attend while I’m there, but I’d love a keen recommendation for an event.

Thanks and see you soon!


Update- I attended the Tokyo Rubyist Meetup and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great talk, welcoming atmosphere, and great people. Highly recommended!