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Visa sponsorship clarification

Hello, I have a question about working in Japan.
Is it possible for someone without a degree and only a couple of years of experience to obtain a working visa?
I see a lot of job listings on this site where they explicitly state that they accept applicants from abroad and will sponsor their visa but what does that mean exactly?
Is it as simple as passing an interview with these companies and you can work in Japan or are they assuming some underlying requirement is fulfilled?

Not unless you pass an approved IT exam.

They’ll consider your application if you’re not living in Japan already, and help you get a working visa. You’ll still need to qualify for a visa though based on the requirements set out by the Japanese government.

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I see. I will look into taking the exam.

How come all these job listings fail to mention such a crucial detail in their requirements though—the fact you need to have a university degree or 10 years of work experience to be eligible for a visa?

Some job listings go as far as to specifically state that a degree is only preferred but not required, and the only hard requirement is 2-3 years of work experience. How are these companies able to sponsor their applicants’ visas?

Job postings assume a candidate will be eligible to work in Japan. Having each posting spell out all the possible ways that could be the case would just clutter things up.

A company won’t necessarily need to sponsor an applicant’s visa, in which case they may not care about having a degree. For instance, a candidate could be a Japanese citizen, permanent resident, spouse of a Japanese citizen or permanent resident, be a dependent of Japanese citizen, etc…