University graduation degree


I’m php developer from Ukraine
and I interesting in going to Japan for a work.
I have some questions which I didn’t find on forum:

  1. Is it bachelor’s degree enough to find job in japan as php/ruby/python developer. (I have bachelor’s degree in physics and now study to get master’s degree)
  2. I work as php programmer more than 4 years for different CMS, sometimes for frameworks, can adapt to any web programming language but generaly I worked as freelancer according to my studies in university. (In university I programming on C++ for physics collaborations).
    So my question is - is it posible to find job if I have small experience of working in company?

Best regards,

A Bachelor’s degree should be enough to qualify you for a visa, so if you can find a company that wants to hire you, they should be able to bring you here.

Whether or not you can actually find a job here depends too much on your personal circumstances and abilities for me to give specific advise. Getting your first programming job in Japan describes the strategy generally for finding work here.