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University degree unrelated to engineering visa

I have an unrelated degree (Business Administration) and I’m planning to go to Japan in the next years (4 or 5), I started working like a developer not long ago.
Until then, I want to improve my Japanese and acquire work experience in my country.
Will I have trouble getting a Engineering Visa?
Is it worth returning to college to have a related degree?
I read the article about visas, but I would like to know what is the best route in my case.


As I wrote in the article, there’s two main visa options that could apply to your situation:

  1. Your degree should make you eligible for a Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa, provided the position involves something like English skills (this is a bit of a grey area, and so you might have some resistance from companies not so familiar with visa procedures).
  2. Depending on the salary of the position, your age, and other factors, you might be able to qualify for the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional Visa.

Given that you should theoretically be able to obtain a visa, I wouldn’t recommend returning to college only for visa purposes.

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