Unemployement Influence on Resume

Hello there,
It’s been a dream of mine to live in Japan, and I was planning on saving money to study there for a while and try looking for a job there. The problem is that I lost my job in late September last year, and until now, I am unemployed.
For now, I’m just studying some technologies. I have a bachelor’s in Computer Science with 3 years of experience as a full-time Front-end web dev. During this time though, I decided to use this time to review things like C++ and Python (which I really enjoy playing with). I’m also using the time to study more Japanese.
My question is, all this time without a job can influence badly in my resume/cv?

Having a gap in your resume isn’t ideal. The amount an employer is going to care will vary, and it won’t necessarily be a show stopper.

More generally, it’s challenging to get your first job as a developer in Japan, particularly if your aren’t based here yet. If you’ve been struggling to get a job locally, I’d anticipate it to be even harder to get one in Japan.

I see. Yeah, I assumed that getting an employer in Japan with my situation is even more complicated.
Well, it can be hard now, but I will not give up on living in Japan.
Thanks for the reply :smiley: