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Undergrad Internships

Hey. I’m a Physics+CS undergrad at a Canadian university, USA and Japan dual citizen with not enough Japanese skill to work a technical job in Japanese. I’m looking for an engineering internship in Tokyo for this summer (or fall), and I’ve applied to some listings, mainly at IBM, Rakuten and Woven Planet.

I don’t need visa support, go to a reputed university, and have technical research experience, so I suppose I fit the bill to some extent, but it seems like these internships are in limited supply. I’m just wondering if anybody has tips for my situation, or knows of places that take English-speaking undergrad tech/engineering interns.

Having Japanese citizenship should be a big help, as it removes the uncertainty around border restrictions.

There was The Canada-Japan Co-op Program, but it looks like it’s been suspended due to COVID. It’s a bit of a long shot, but you could try getting in contact with them (there’s a list of contacts for individual universities, reaching out to the person at yours would be best). Perhaps they’d be willing to share a list of companies that have brought on students through the program in the past, and you could directly apply to them.