Umbrella companies

Hello I just found this forum today.
Do you guys have any advice about Umbrella companies. I’m currently live and work in UK I have permanent role in UK company, but I work from home for almost 4 years. Thing is I can work for same UK company but from Japan because its my dream to live in Japan. I know I still need work visa to be able to live and work from home in Japan (but for UK company). Is it completely legal to use umbrella company as third party so they can sort all taxes? I just don’t have any experience with this and don’t have anyone who has any experience dealing with these companies.


Your main challenge is getting a working visa. If you had that, you could work as a freelancer and just handle taxes yourself (or hire an accountant to do it). I’d talk to an immigration lawyer for advice about your situation.

One other thing you could do is come to Japan on a tourist visa, rent a weekly apartment, and live here a couple months. This would give you some experience living here, and help you make the decision in whether you want to invest in moving here more permanently.

Thanks for reply.
I have been in Japan already and decided that I want to buy property in Japan. So theoretically I could live anywhere in Japan as long that place have decent internet connection for me be able to work. And I’m learning Japanese for 2 years now - still have long way to be able to hold a good conversation.