Technical College in Tokyo for software systems developer certificate?

I am interested to educate myself and become a SSD. I live near Tokyo and was wondering if you might have some insight into English speaking schools in Tokyo that provide education of this kind. I’m from Vancouver originally and BCIT there has a great program so I’m hoping to find the Japanese equivalent.

I have the money together and hope the certification would not cost much more than 15 thousand CAN.

Cheers I appreciate any help I can get.


There’s not much in the way of good education programs for software developers in Japanese, so I’m doubtful there is any available in English.

Your best bet is to teach yourself using online courses like Lots of good developers are self-taught, and a formal education or certification isn’t so valuable in our field (apart from for visa purposes, where having a university degree helps).

Really appreciate the reply.


Stumbled upon this thread after reading your blog Paul, hope you don’t mind:

I work with Hack Reactor, a code school based in SF. We’re actually in the process of bringing over our Remote Beta program to Asia, as we’ve had a number of students from Asia (India, Hong Kong, Korea) and Australia apply and graduate.

The Remote Beta (Asia) program is run in GMT +8 time zone. Residents of Asia applying for this program are eligible for a subsidy of US4,780 upon enrollment.

Here are some resources for you to consider in terms of student outcomes:

3 Hack Reactor Remote Beta alumni discuss their experiences + post-grad experience (1 from India, 1 from HK, 1 from Montreal/HK)

Purifycss team (all Hack Reactor Remote Beta grads) discuss how they build their project during the program, and their experiences

Altitude Labs - founded by 3 Hack Reactor alumni in HK