Studying JLPT N2 as an inexperienced software engineer in the Bay Area

I am currently studying for the JLPT N2 which is to be administered at SFSU on December 3rd 2017. I had previously taken the exam back in July and failed by a single point. My long term goal is to eventually obtain the JLPT N1 certification by 2019 at the latest.

I work as an “Associate Software Engineer” at one of the largest software corporations in the world in Santa Clara, CA, a position that I transitioned to almost immediately after graduating from college in May 2016. I did study computer science at university, however I severely lack necessary skills and experience that are crucial for the industry. I’m still exploring my interests in this industry, so far I’ve only made small back-end contributions for my dev team in the past year or so.

What are some things that I can do in terms of my career path to ensure that I will be qualified for a Tokyo developer position in a few years from now, possibly around 2020? Working in Tokyo is something I truly want to strive for. Any tips, suggestions, etc. are much appreciated.

To get a job in Japan, you need some combination of Japanese ability and development skill. It sounds like you’re on track with Japanese. For development, look how you can work in public to better demonstrate your skills.