Study a Master in Japan (Computer Science)

Hi! I am a spanish man looking for studying a master in Japan! In Kyoto University, Tokyo University or Tokyo Institute of technology.
All are aimed for international students… So they are taught in English.
Is worth studying a master in Japan? It is well seen outside Japan? Any other advice?

Thx :smiley:

Pd: I don’t plan to work in Spain… And i Wouldn’t like to stay all my live in Japan… So…

The biggest value of attending a Japanese university is the connections you’ll make there. If you’re not going to stay in Japan after you graduate though, that won’t be so valuable to you. Ideally, you should be attending university somewhere you’ll want to work after you graduate, as that makes getting a job much easier (especially if you’re wanting to live in a country where visas could be an issue).

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So for example if I plan to attend a university for a Master’s in Computer Science and then get a dev job, is Tokyo the best place to do that? (sorry for hijacking your post notnotpsych0)

then wich one u recomended for studying master for computer science ?

My personal take on getting a masters in CS is that it isn’t completely needed. With an undergrad in CS that’s more than enough to get a good job in tech. I see a masters as either the start of a path into teaching (meaning a phd would follow), or one wants to get into the really competitive companies (Google, Apple, etc…, however a masters isn’t really needed for those either, it’s just helpful). However, if your undergrad wasn’t in CS than yes, a masters would help to break into tech, but keep in mind, a boot camp and a personal project can also help one break into tech, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Regarding earning a masters in Japan in CS, I agree that it would be most useful if you stayed in Japan afterwards, cause you’d want the reputation of the program you enter to help you in your career. Tokyo U is knowns a great university in Japan, I’m not sure about its brand recognition and network internationally to your potential employers.

At the end of the day, I think you should choose a masters program based on reputation and network. Get into the best program you can afford to get into. Example: if you get a masters in CS from MIT or Stanford, I don’t think any company in Japan (or anywhere else for that matter) will overlook your resume. You’ll definitely get someone to take a closer look. I’m not sure you’ll get that same treatment with a Japanese CS degree on your resume.

This is just my opinion, I have been wrong before :slight_smile:

I know this is an old thread but is there a comprehensive list of schools in Japan that offer a Masters in CS in English? Also, it may be useful for some to see a list of those offering a Bachelors.