Starting a KK with an Engineer Visa

Hey Everyone, I read the article about creating a company in Japan while on an Engineer visa and have some questions regarding transitioning from full time job as software engineer employee to cofounder/CTO(取締役) of a startup K.K…

My responsibilities at the startup should be the same(writing software, managing our IT infrastructure and services, product development). The director compensation would be set at ~350,000/month for now. I have about 2.5 years left on my Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa. The paperwork for the K.K. is already submitted, and opening bank account next week.

Does immigration consider a director(取締役) position to be an employee? if my activities remain relatively the same, do I need to worry about working as 取締役 while doing software engineer related activities? Since Im not the representative director, I feel a little more confident that i wouldn’t need an investor visa, and can continue using my engineer visa for this role.

Should I expect any issues informing immigration that I am quitting my current job, and starting my job as 取締役 for the new company? I am not currently on a self sponsored visa, but employer is sponsoring my visa.

I’m just wondering if people have similar experiences with this and can share their thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds quite like my situation. I got my engineering visa renewed twice while I was director (non-representative) of a godo-gaisha. As long as you’re doing work related to your visa type, which sounds like what it is, you should be fine. I’d still find an immigration lawyer who confirms what you’re wanting to do, as I’d recommend using one to renew your visa when the time comes.

Hi all,

The topic is getting old but the info might help others.

I am currently in a similar situation, planning the creation of a Godo Gaisha. I found out that since a decision from 2015, a representative director wasn’t needing a permanent residency visa anymore ( Abenomics Liberalization: Japanese Companies no Longer Require a Japanese Resident Representative Director | HUB | K&L Gates)

However a lawyer informed me recently that this was only true for a rep director coming from abroad. If you are already living in Japan with an engineering (or other) visa, you’ll still need a permanent/spouse/investor visa to be appointed Rep Director.