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Some info about Kyoto and surroundings

After a long analysis, I decided to relocate to Kyoto on a student visa. I would like to ask some questions:

  • Are there software localization/translation company around Kyoto? I’m Italian and one of my ideas is to build a career around that when my japanese will be enough good… In the meantime, I’ll gladly visit possible workplaces trying to obtain information or even a part-time job.

  • Also for part-time job purposes, what would you do in my position? (ReactJS Developer, 1 year of experience, no university degree). I like the idea to improve my skills as a web developer while studying… I know that’s not enough for a working visa, but maybe with a little effort and choosing the right place I can at least get a part-time job on a student visa…

Thanks for the attention, any other advice is appreciated :slight_smile:

In your situation, while you can live in Japan on a student visa, it will be challenging to live here longer term, as without a university degree or significant experience, you won’t be able to qualify for a working visa. As long as you’re aware of that, it’s fine of course.

Kyoto does have its share of software development companies, and do its not impossible to find something. I’d guess that Italian-Japanese translation is not incredibly in demand though, and so finding work may be challenging. You might look for people doing this on places like LinkedIn to gauge the overall demand.

If you don’t have any Japanese abilities yet, it might also be quite some time before you’re fluent enough. Two years of full time study is typically what it takes to get fluent.

Generally speaking companies aren’t looking to hire part time developers. If you can demonstrate excellent skills, it’s possible that a smaller startup will be accommodating. It is challenging though, as you need to be going to school full time to maintain the visa status.

One option you do have is to work remotely part time for an Italian (or other international) company. Working with a European company isn’t bad timezone wise, as your afternoon is their morning, so you could theoretically work after Japanese school. This is something you could line up before relocating, so it would be the least risky option.

Thanks Paul, as always your answers are on point :slight_smile: also thanks for keeping in consideration my situation to answer me :smile:
About the long-term plan I thought something like this could work:

  1. I study 6 months in Japan to better understand if I like the place
  2. If I like it, I extend the study period until I reach JLPT N2 level (max 2 years)
  3. With 2 years of experience in Japan, I can really understand if this is the place where I want to work and live long-term. Also a lot of things could happen in 2 years, but let’s say I haven’t found any job opportunity, I go to an IT field Vocational School so that after 2 more years I’ll be eligible to work for a japanese company :+1: