Ruby Internship wanted

Hey guys,
I am in final year of my college. It has always been my dream to see Japan.
I have been doing Ruby for a while, can I get any internship opportunities at Japan.

Japanese companies rarely do internships for international students, so it might be challenging to find something.

Your best bet would be to see if your college can point you in the right direction. It’s possible they’re part of some network that handles international internships.

If your college doesn’t offer anything, and you’re going alone, I recommend doing something to make companies get excited at the prospect of taking you on as an intern. For instance, if you had made contributions to a major open source Ruby library or Ruby itself, you’d have a better shot.

I do know of one company that is recruiting interns globally. They aren’t using Ruby though, and getting a position with them seems pretty competitive.

I think these companies all hire interns (though most don’t use much ruby :frowning:) :

  • Microsoft
  • Rakuten
  • Preferred Networks
  • Mercari
  • Rapyuta Robotics
  • LeapMind
  • Hennge (as Paul said)
  • Apple?
  • Google?

Moneytree also has something akin to an internship called the “launchpad” program. They basically hire you for 6 months with the expectation that you’ll reach a level by the end where you can join as a full-time engineer. Then if you fail to do that, they help you find a job somewhere else.

Someone needs to gather some better data for this and list the companies offering internships here though.