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Finding it hard to get a job and I’d like to contact recruiters (like the ones that bother you on linkedin!) but in Japan.

I have 4 years of game development experience, most of that was in Japan, but I’m not living in Japan anymore. I would still like to find remote work as a game developer working for a Japanese company from home. This is actually not common at all in the Japanese gaming industry, I know that. I’ve already looked at hundreds, and even sent a lot of resumes, but most companies don’t hire remote workers (even though there are some advantages, specially for smaller companies).
That’s why I would like to find some recruiters that might find a job for me (even if I have to pay after getting hired)

Do you guys know of any website where I can just upload my resume or directly contact an independent recruiter that will try to find me a job?

Actually even some better keywords for searches would help me. When I look for recruiters all I find is the recruiters at each individual company (basically HR)


I’m doubtful you’ll be able to find a recruiter willing to help you.

As you’re probably aware, independent recruiters work on a commission basis. As such, there goal is to place as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Because of this, combine with that they themselves usually don’t have software development aptitude, means they tend to only people who are fitting into a traditional job specification.

As working remotely is very much outside of the norm, the recruiter would need to work much harder to place you then normal, while having no upside for themselves. Furthermore, there’s a very real possibility that there simply aren’t any positions that are open to remote developers not living in Japan, in the gaming industry, and using recruiters (many companies don’t employ them because they’re unwilling to pay the high commission fees).

The most feasible way of finding such a position would be through your own network. Seeing as you’ve previously worked for a Japanese gaming company, I’d contact your ex-colleagues and see if there is any opportunity there or at other companies they can introduce you too.

Personally, I’m curious why you’d want to work remotely for a Japanese gaming company. It seems like the worst of both worlds, in that you don’t get the benefits of living in Japan, while needing to put up with the sub-par (on average) Japanese corporate culture. Additionally, I’ve found being the sole remote employee tends to be a frustrating experience, as the processes aren’t in place to accommodate that. If you want to work remotely, I’d think you’d have a better experience broadening your search internationally.