React Native popularity in Japan?

Hi all,

I’m curious about the relatively popularity of React Native in Japan? I’ve been looking around for a while now, but I haven’t really seen too many positions that use it.

A bit about me, I have 3 years of experience as a React Native dev working full stack at a large company in the US (the giant blue globe telecom one, if it matters). I graduated 2020 and my Japanese is nearly conversational, generally I understand the question being asked but struggle to respond. Primarily, I’ve been looking for predominately English positions as I’m not confident in my ability to conduct myself in a business setting solely in Japanese, However, even in the Japanese positions that I’ve glanced at, I rarely see React Native mentioned outside of being nice to have on a handful of positions.

Does anyone have any insight they’d like to share on this? Is React Native just not that popular in Japan? I’d love to make my way to Japan sooner than later, with a big push for centralizing office locations at my current position being signaled in the next year or two. I’m wondering if its worth holding out for a position more inside more strike zone or if I should try to pivot to web development with React, though that would mean I have to split my time learning Japanese. Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

Our developer survey showed 13% of respondents who answered our “other frameworks and libraries” used React Native. So while it isn’t incredibly popular, it does seem like a fair number of people touch it.

I have seen postings on TokyoDev that are looking to hire a Frontend Engineer or Elixir Fullstack Engineer who will touch React Native as part of their job. It could be that it is less common for companies to hire “React Native Developers”.

From a long term perspective, I think it is better if you don’t tie your career too specifically to a single technology. A “Mobile Developer” or “Frontend Developer” who specializes in React Native is going to have better prospects than one who defines themselves exclusively in terms of their React Native skills.