Question about Message and CV sections


I’m a junior dev, just started job hunting and love TokyoDev! I have two questions when applying to jobs via this site.

When applying to a job, and TokyDev does not re-direct me to the company website, there is a form that includes Message, Full Name, Email Upload CV, etc.

My Questions:

  1. In the Message section, should I include a full cover letter? Or simply a short message, for example 2 to 5 lines long?

  2. In the CV upload sections, is it fine to upload both a CV AND a cover letter in the same pdf file? Or is just the CV better?


You can treat this as a cover letter. However, a good cover letter is only a couple of paragraphs, and tailored to the company receiving it. I’d suggest this article on cover letters.

I’d upload just your CV, as the message should serve as your “cover letter”, and there’s no need to include a generic one.

Great, thanks for the clarification.