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Product Owner/Scrum Master roles

I saw there was a QA Manager role posted on here recently.

My wife is looking to move into a bi-lingual Product Owner/Business Analyst/Scrum Master/Project Manager role in the tech sector in Japan (ideally a non-Japanese company).

Do many non-technical tech jobs get advertised on tokyo-dev? Is there a good recommendation for where to look for those types of roles?

TokyoDev is focused exclusively on technical roles, and so the only product manager position I’m posting right now is at this one at Autify.

Another site with a similar name but no relation, JapanDev, is listing non-technical positions, including these product related positions.

It wasn’t clear if your wife already has experience in that area, or is just looking to break into it. If she has previous experience plus bilingual skills, she’s going to be in high demand, and it would be worth working with a recruiter.

Thankyou for getting back to me so quickly :slight_smile:

She currently has no tech experience but has worked in comparable project management roles in the education sector so hopefully will have a decent amount of transferable skills.

Cheers for the link - I’ll get her to check out the JapanDev site :slight_smile:

Without experience, I’m guessing she’ll have a harder time landing a job at a big international tech company in Japan. She might have more luck with a smaller startup, as they tend to not get so many applicants, and are forced to be more flexible. Wantedly is where most of these Japanese companies post. Once she has a couple years of experience, I’d imagine she’ll have an easier time changing jobs.

If she doesn’t have the basics of programming down already, it could be worth spending some time learning them. Progate is one site that offers some free interactive lessons in both English and Japanese, and from what I saw of it, seemed to do a good job. This would help demonstrate to employers that she’s serious about making the transition, and also help give some shared jargon.

The range of positions you posted were quite wide as well. Some of them do have training available (e.g. becoming a certified scrum master). I don’t know how valuable certification alone will be, but it could be worth exploring, and perhaps focusing on a specific area.

Another resource is Women Who Code Tokyo. They’re hosting some online events, and have a Slack channel that’s somewhat active. Through it, it might be possible to find someone who is already in one of the roles she’s looking to move into, and receive some more personalized advice.

Thanks again for the input, Paul :slight_smile:

We’ve found a few good courses on Pluralsight that she’s working through at the moment.

I’ll pass on the tip for WomenWhoCodeTokyo aswell - that could be a useful resource :slight_smile: Cheers