Product Manager roles in Tokyo

Hi I am a product manager with around 5 years of XP on Products in the Technology space mainly around AI driven opportunities and DaaS. Prior to that I worked as a Data Engineer as well as a senior Unix system admin.

I’m looking to move to Japan with my wife who is Japanese in 2024 due to the increasing costs of living in Singapore. What are some barriers to entry, are there opportunities for Product Managers who don’t speak Japanese at first but would look to grow their communication skills later? Would love to hear any and all advice you can share

Many product manager positions will require Japanese skills, as most Japanese companies make products for the domestic market. I have occasionally seen opportunities that don’t require such skills, but they’re rarer than software developer positions that only require English.

Since you mention you have a Japanese wife, you don’t necessarily need to work for a Japanese company. You could theoretically work remotely for a company anywhere. If your current position doesn’t support remote work, maybe there’s another job that would?