PHP Dev - now remotely, in future on site

Hi there,

My name is Gregory and I’m from Poland (intermediate knowledge of English and German spoken and written). I’m really fascinated by Japan and I work as a developer.
I’m 22, but I’ve got already about 3 years commercial experience, especcially I’ve been developing first of all with usage of php, but I also know other languages. For interested - I can share my github or linkedin profile.
I’m looking for an opportunity to work in remote (or generally in remote, I can work on site from June to November) for Japanese or international companies based in Japan. It can be full-time or even part-time contract as well, I’m self-employed in Poland.
Why remote? Because at present I’m a sophomore, so I need to finish my studies, as I have heard official education is important in Japan.
In a week I take a JLPT N5 exam, I know - N5 it’s not high level, but I want to complete and pass also N4 in the following 2 years.
So, in 2 years I want to fully relocate in Japan and there work full-time on site.
I don’t need a visa at the beginning.
I’m going to visit Japan in next year - maybe in June.

Maybe someone is looking for a freelancer? Can anyone help me?
I will be grateful for any message or advice.

Thanks in advance,

PS It’s really great forum!

Even if your goal is to come to Japan in the long term, I personally wouldn’t bother trying to find work remotely here. Japanese companies tend not to use remote developers in the first place. For those that do, almost all of them will be looking for fluent Japanese speakers. So I think there aren’t many opportunities available, nor is there a good way of finding those opportunities without being in Japan.

Instead, I’d focus on marketing yourself as a developer. Having something like serious open source contributions will go a long way in increasing your employability not only in Japan, but anywhere in the world.