Option or recruiter to recommend?

I’m trying to break into the field of algorithmic trading in Japan. Specifically, some small prop shop. But that turns out to be quite tough. Lately, I been toying with the idea of joining a startup where I could perhaps utilize my experience and skill in optimization and algorithm in general. Could you recommend some recruiters that I can reach out to? Or perhaps do you reckon that I should try out some other option?

Sorry, this isn’t really a field I have experience with, nor do I have experience working with recruiters, so I don’t really have any good advice for you. If you’re looking to join a smaller company though, I’d imagine that using a recruiter wouldn’t give you any advantage over approaching them directly.

Thank you for your reply. I was thinking that having to work with a recruiter allow me to share my aspiration and goal, eventually allow me to look for the perfect place or people to work with. I have been in the industry for almost 20 years. So my next career move has to be meaningful. If possible, trying to avoid working in a cooperate environment.

Anyway, I have also been looking up @ wantedly and justa for the “right” start up. Well, my impression of Japan start up scene so far, is that it is relatively slow. Perhaps, that is just me.

I am taking the recruiter/headhunter approach for now. I am traveling to Japan in September to make job hunting easier, but in the meantime, my tools are limited to web searches and LinkedIn. Are there any other resources that are available for looking for jobs?

I also recently joined bizreach.jp, which is like an amalgamation of LinkedIn.com and Monster.com, except that the audience is solely comprised of recruiters and headhunters. Something I have noticed is that a lot preliminary questions ask for your date of birth and graduation date. Is age a factor in Japan the way it is in America, where someone might be considered “too old” or not with it? I mean, I’m a frisky 33 and I have been working with computers since i was an awkward teenager, but I only just got my degree 2 years ago. Should that matter?