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Opinions about Prefered Networks


Hi everybody,

Thanks for having such a nice community.

I was searching for Machine Learning in Medical Imaging jobs and I found out about Prefered Networks. After having a look at their company (their website and some of their researcher’s activity on Twitter) they seem to be amazing. But you know sometimes it is too good to be true.

Do you have any information about the company and their culture,style of work?




Preferred Networks created Chainer, a fairly popular open-source library for doing deep learning. In fact, I believe Pytorch, one of the dominant DL open source libraries, was a fork of Chainer. In any case, a company that can build a quality open-source project like this is, more likely than not, amazing.

I actually applied to them and got an interview, although I had already accepted another offer by the time they got back to me, so I didn’t continue the process.


Thanks a lot for the reply! I was looking for some information on the culture of the company and the working ethics, basically how it is to work for them.