New Grad ML Engineer salary information


I have a full-time offer for a ML Engineer role at Sony RnD, Tokyo and I have a few concerns regarding the pay mainly :
A few things about me for information :
I am an Indian citizen and in the final year of my Bachelors in a CS adjacent field (Department QS Ranking - 100-150). I did a 16-week Internship at Sony RnD, Tokyo this summer and the experience was good . I really liked the team (everyone could speak English) as well as my project and loved the work culture (fully remote). The stipend was pretty low (8000 yen/ working day) but they sponsored my stay, flight tickets, commute and food so, I didn’t mind it all that much. Back to the question.

I don’t know how much I should disclose but the Total Comp. of the package is ~10 Million Yen (Assuming Minimum possible bonus and no Overtime) and removing the fluff (Paid Japanese training classes + Health Insurance) it’s around ~8 Million Yen. I used a power-parity based salary converter tool and the salary seemed decent (albeit a little low) compared to what the firms (FAANG/Top start-ups) are paying in India. I have tried to search different forums and it’s a bit difficult to navigate and find reliable estimates of New Grad Salaries offered by FAANG or adjacent companies/start-ups in Japan.
Essentially, the thing that I want to know is how competitive is the compensation that I am being offered and how prestigious is Sony RnD/Sony Research considered in the Japanese Dev community?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and I am non-native English speaker so sorry in case of bad grammar/phrasing.

We conduct an annual survey of international developers living in Japan. Our respondents are typically paid significantly better than the overall Japanese market.

Among our respondents with less than one year of experience, the median compensation was ¥4.5 million, the 75th percentile was ¥7.5 million, and the 90th percentile was ¥9.9 million.

So I think your offer is quite competitive in Japan.

I can’t speak to how prestigious Sony Research is. I haven’t personally heard of them, but then I’m not deeply invested in the ML field either.