New Full-Stack Web Developer

I like to first thank you for taking the time to read my post! I recently graduated from a full-stack web developer course from Udacity. I haven’t gotten any luck of getting responses from applications in the U.S.
As of right now, I’m learning the new MERN stack since it seems that it’s very high in demand. I’ll be traveling to Tokyo for a month next month to see if I can land job. I understand the full-stack development isn’t really a thing there so I’ll be looking for a job as a front end web dev position. I know very little Japanese and my Native language is English and Spanish. Do you think I’ll have much luck in Tokyo? What companies should I focus my applications too. Is it true that foreigners in the work place take abuse(verbal/threats) from their bosses?

To get a job here, you’ll need to be eligible for a visa. Unless you have a Japanese spouse or Japanese ancestry, that basically means a working visa. To get a working visa, you’ll need a university degree in a related field (e.g. computer science) or ten years working experience.

If you meet those requirements, getting a job in Japan as a non-resident will be tougher than getting one in the US. So if you’re having a challenge landing a position there, I’d try to figure out what you can do to make yourself more attractive. For tips on getting hired as a junior developer, I recommend the book Hired Fast.

Is it true that foreigners in the work place take abuse(verbal/threats) from their bosses?

Hahaha, say what ? :slight_smile: Obviously, there are people who have problems with their bosses, but I never heard anyone taking verbal abuse ! Did you hear this story from a friend ?

First of all, in Japan, people are polite. Assaulting someone directly verbally, especially in the workplace, is something that doesn’t happen easily. Especially in the IT sector. What you heard might be another sector (English teaching ?) If your boss has a problem with you, he/she will just fire you. In case you can not be fired easily, you might get mobbed, they may try to wear you to make you quit. But I never experienced this as well. Once, one colleague heard somebody talking (whispering) about him as “Big fat Gaijin” by some entry level OL. But yeah, she was just some entry level office lady, and she quit some time after that incident anyway.

If anybody has any experience I would like to hear your stories ! :slight_smile: