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Need advice on salary information

I am a full-stack developer with about 3 years of experience. A company is offering me a full time position with only around 100,000 per month. I will be working remotely for now. They said they will review my salary once they are able to bring me to Japan. Is it normal? How should I respond to this? Thanks in advance.

An international developer with your experience and based in Japan might expect to make around ¥4-7 million per year.

If you were in Japan, that is significantly below the legal minimum salary. To even qualify for a working visa, they’d need to be paying at least ¥200,000 to ¥300,000 per month.

Personally, I think something like ¥300,000 per month would still be a great deal for the company compared to hiring someone in Japan. You’d be working as a contractor, and so they presumably wouldn’t be paying any benefits like pension and health insurance that they’d be required to in Japan. If they are unwilling to pay you that, I think it’s unlikely that they’ll actually bring you to the country. So you could try countering with that, pointing out that such a salary would be relatively low even for a developer in Japan.