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Need advice as a new grad

Hello, I am graduating in 2023 (July), but I heard that most companies in JP (and by extension, generally in Asia even where I live), hire students while they are in University. So I want to know when I should be looking for opportunities while searching for positions.
The profile I will be looking for is mainly Backend dev, and Cloud Engineering/Security Engineering roles, as I currently have some experience in AWS(got my SAA too) and AppSec testing for the same.
As for my JP skills, I’ve learnt a few EU languages as a hobby so picking up new languages isn’t really difficult for me given enough time.
I also would be looking for taking up a Master’s course, but I think that would be after a couple years of experience, I don’t know if workplaces are willing to sponsor that.

Students in Japanese universities will typically receive offers while they’re in the 3rd year of University, so it sounds like you could already start looking. However, I think Japanese companies will typically only hire university students who are fluent Japanese speakers or attending prestigious universities, so I’m not sure if that’ll apply to you.

I haven’t heard of Japanese companies sponsoring a Master’s degree.

Understood, it was expected that they won’t sponsor a degree. I’ll start applying for the companies then, thanks