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My next steps for getting a job in Japan


I am currently working in my home country, the Philippines, and I would like to move and work in Japan in a few years, preferably within 1-3 years.

I have been working as a developer for more than 4 years. My skills are pretty varied ranging from C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, etc thanks to working on different kinds of projects in a short period of time. In the case of frameworks, I have experience working with Angular, Express.js, with some training for React and Spring.

I am mainly interested in learning Rust and as of now I at least know the basics but no working experience. But I’d also want to learn TypeScript, React, and Node.js further since they have more demand in Japan than the former and I have working experience with two of them.

I can also speak, read, and write Japanese enough to communicate due to working on Japanese projects and have a JLPT N2 certification. Japanese language skills shouldn’t be that much of a problem for me.

My degree may not be exactly Computer Science or Information Technology, but Game Development could be close enough I think. Not much game development jobs here so I went with software development instead.

Since I do not have a portfolio the whole time, I was thinking of creating projects in Rust or other languages, then make my own website/blog using the frontend technologies I mentioned. I am also considering learning AWS and Linux then get certifications.

Are these going to be enough to have at least good chances of getting a job and move to Japan while still being in my own country? If not, what others steps could I take?

It’s certainly enough to apply! Getting a job from abroad is always challenging, so it might still be a bit of a struggle, but as a first step, you could try identifying some companies that seem to be a good match for you, and seeing what happens.

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Thank you for the response.

That is also what I am considering since from what I’ve been reading, it is more important to figure out what a certain company needs and try to meet them. I will be basing my experience and skills for which companies to choose.

Since I have more extensive experience with JavaScript/TypeScript and Java, I should probably have more options due to their demand.