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My employability in Japan

Hi everyone, I am a 30yo software developer with ~5 yr exp, mainly focus in hardware control, robotics and full stack web dev (C++, Javascript, MySQL, Python). I also have JLPT N2 and aiming to get N1 this year.

I would like to know what is my chance to get a job in Japan directly oversea in similar industry? Is robotics a hot area in Japan?

And what will be my expected salary? Is 7,000,000 JPY realistic for a mid-level developer?

Thank you.

5 years of experience and N2 Japanese skills puts you in a pretty sweet spot.

In last year’s developer survey, I found the average salary of international developers with five years of experience was ¥8.9 million.

Robotics specifically isn’t an area where I’m seeing a lot of opportunities posted with sites like mine. That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t exist, but the companies recruiting for them may tend to be larger, more traditional Japanese companies.

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Thanks for the insight! I will try to explore outside robotics as well and apply whatever that fits. :slight_smile:


I am also a software developer, working in a Robotics startup company in Tokyo.

We are mostly using C++ and Python, and your tech stack background might be a potential fit for our opening positions.

If you are interested, we can have a detailed discussion.

I’m on a similar boat to you, the differences being that I’ve yet to take the actual N2 test (I’ve passed my Japanese school’s mock N2 exam though) and that I already live in Tokyo, albeit as a student.
AI/Neural Networks and Data Science seem to have more demand here over pure robotics as a developer from what I’ve searched myself, even though sometimes they overlap.
I’d be happy if you’d let us know if you find any good opportunities-- I’ll remember to report back if I find anything myself.


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Thanks, I am interested about the positions and have messaged you.