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Mercari scam - tokyo


I am not sure if this is dev related but I had no where else to turn.

I brought a laptop off Mercari and the description said it was a little yellow nothing else wrong.

When it arrived the battery doesn’t hold a charge no matter how long it’s charged for. I contacted the seller who told me I was a sucker for buying it and I am a claimer for trying to get a refund. (This is an insult in Japanese some how). I contacted Mercari and they told me yes I got scammed and I should just move on they will not help me.

I was hoping someone would know what I should do next, I found Japan has a police department set up to deal with frauds and scams and only after I got scammed found out Mercari is infamous for this kind of thing.

Sorry if it’s not totally dev related but like I said I don’t really know of anywhere else to turn to.

(Oh all the conversation with the seller and company where in Japanese)

Thank you,


This is outside the scope of this forum, and you might have better luck elsewhere, such as Reddit’s japanlife. I noticed a post there that seems to indicate that it is possible to get a refund. However, it sounds like that’s only possible if you haven’t completed the the transaction. Perhaps you marked the transaction as completed, which is why Mercari says they won’t do anything.

If you used a credit card for paying for Mercari, another approach may be to issue a “chargeback” directly with your credit card provider. Note that Japanese credit card issuers tend to be very conservative about issuing these, so it may only be possible if you’ve used an overseas credit card. Also, if you go this route, Mercari will probably terminate your account.

Ah thank you for your ideas I will try reddit but just to add,

I did not mark the transaction as complete and they still told me they won’t help on three separate occasions.

I use a Japanese credit card company and they refused to do a charge back or anything else I asked that would of helped.

After contacting the police they said Mercari is often causing them trouble including selling currency or fake products on their platform.

But thank you ^^