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Hi everyone,

I’m about to start the application procedure to attend a Japanese language school from April 2021 for one year and then look for a job. For various reasons, my first choice is to go to the Kansai and especially Osaka. Based on this 5-year old topic, there are much fewer development opportunities in that area compared to Tokyo.

So my question is: what is the current state of the developer communities based in the Kansai as of 2020? If you have some links to share, even in Japanese, that would be interesting.

Of course, I guess I could also relocate to Tokyo by the end of the term and increase the likelihood of finding a job.

I don’t think the situation has significantly changed. Most software companies are based in Tokyo, especially those specifically hiring international software developers. I think HN Kansai is still active, and they have a slack now, so you could try asking there about people’s experiences.

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DevLove Kansai is a Japanese developer group based in Osaka
They used to hold a couple of events (in Japanese) every month.

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Thanks for the links :slightly_smiling_face: