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First of all, thank you for maintaining such helpful forum.
I’m just about to complete my undergraduate degree and would love to work in Japan if possible.

I’m quite good at Java. I’ve done GSoC 2 times and is passionate about Open Source and programming in general.

I don’t have any experience in Japanese language though. I’ve few questions. Sorry if these are being answered already.

  • Do the tech companies their use English?
  • Is it possible to get a Job without having working/holiday visa?

My GitHub profile in case that helps:


Most tech companies in Japan use Japanese. But that doesn’t mean opportunities for non-Japanese speakers don’t exist. I created this job board listing such opportunities.

Still, if you are interested in Japan, I’d suggest studying some basic Japanese, as showing you’ve made the effort will help separate you from other people. As a first goal, I’d target being able to introduce yourself in Japanese. That level is probably going to be the best return on investment in time studying, and is a realistic goal in months not years.

As a new graduate it is going to be a bit of a challenge to get a job here. Japanese companies generally don’t hire developers from overseas, and when they do, they tend to be looking for ones who already have professional experience. I did recently advertise a company that’s doing an internship for recent grads. This kind of opportunity is exceptional, but if you were to land it it would be a good first step to a job in Japan.

One thing I noticed is that the website linked from your GitHub profile is down. I’d either resurrect it or remove the link. Maybe you were already doing it on that site, but I’d recommend building up a public presence. That you’ve done GSoC is great, but not everyone is going to know the significance of it. So you might write about an article about your experience doing it, from how you were accepted to it (I think there is an application process) to what you accomplished.


Thanks for the information. It is really helpful.

I should try learn some Japanese. Yeah the website was down for sometime. I’ll make sure to get it up and running, before I do apply. Internship would be fine, but it seems it’s quite difficult to find information on these companies, specially their quality, approach to development and so on. I could possibly get a good job in here but it would be really great to work in Japan.

I’ll try HDE and few other companies. And will let you know the progress. Thanks.


dear sir my name is abanda and i have BTECH ECE with embedded system as specialization in 2016 i when back to my home country due to some family issues .i was studying in India …but here in my country there is no job related to embedded system by the way i am from Cameroon i have been working as technical assistant in a electromechanical field , but now i tired of that and i want to work in a field that passionate mei love Japan and it culture i love mangas more over i ready learn japanese or take some course online to facilitate my living there…