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JavaScript Prevalence in Tokyo


Hi there,

I was wondering how prevalent are JavaScript opportunities in Tokyo.
I am looking for Software Engineer roles that work with ReactJS and can work in the backend with NodeJS.

From reading the posts here, it seems that Ruby on Rails is huge in Japan.
Should I be learn RoR to increase my chances of getting a job there?

I can speak Japanese at a business level.

Any input or advice would be appreciated.


I’d check out 東京Node学園祭, the main node conference in Japan, for an idea of the kind of companies that use it.

React has been getting a fair amount of attention within the developer communities here over the last year or so, and I know some companies using it.

Rather than trying to pick up a new technology, I think your time would probably be better served increasing your public presence as a developer. If you can demonstrate that you’re a really great developer, companies will hire you regardless of what technology you know.

Also, the reason why you see Rails mentioned more throughout this site is that’s the community I happen to be most involved with. While it has been booming, I think there is demand for developers with pretty much any skill set here.