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Hi, I am a Japanese university student. I am thinking about working in a foreign IT company. I am still in a university so it should be fine for me if I can do internship or part time job in a foreign company for a while. I am currently available for 6 months, therefore I would like to work at the company until April.

As I have stated above, I am a Japanese student currently studying business administration in my university. I have come across few difficulties when it comes to trying to work for foreign companies. I would like to know the possibilities for a person like me being able to get the job in a foreign IT company Japan.


It seems hard to get an answer… Thanks for attention!


Suggestion: describe what kind of position you are looking for and your technical background.


I have a background with Python which I am fluent in I believe and Django web framework. I have been programming with Python for 3 years but I have never made many out of it. I just took it as my hobby. I am also interested in Ruby. I try to learn ruby on rails.
I am looking for a part time job or internship using Python 2.7 or 3. I am still quite secure about my Ruby.


*I have never made money out of it


Getting an internship is a matter of finding a company you want to work for and convincing them you’ll provide enough value to them. would be a good place to meet developers and find companies, but it looks like it is already sold out. You could still take a look at their sponsor list to see if you can find any interesting companies.

You could also get involved in the local international developer events, like Tokyo Rubyist Meetup, Hacker News Tokyo, and Tokyo iOS Meetup.

To demonstrate value to companies, you can work on building up your personal profile. When reaching out to any companies, demonstrate why you want to work for that company (as opposed to other ones), and show how you can provide value. Hired Fast is a book aimed at Junior developers, but I think it gives a great overview of the mindset needed to get a job (or internship).


Thanks very much. I really appreciate for this helpful advice.