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Hello everyone,

I am an iOS developer working in India right now.

My husband has already moved to Tokyo, Japan for next few years and I also have to shift there soon. I have a dependant visa and I am now looking for various opportunities in the field of iOS development in Japan.

I am ready to work in a freelancing group or on contract basis or part time/full time job will work.

Also, I am learning Japanese now.

Can someone guide me on where can I get it’s detailed information? How should I proceed for this? What are the different opportunities in Japan for foreigners in iOS dev field?

Any help would be appreciated.


iOS developers are in demand, but part time job is not easy to find.

For job opportunities and events, is a very active monthly iOS meetup. Many people are hiring and if you approach them after the meetup I believe they’re happy to connect.

To work full time you have to get a working visa (Engineer). Dependant visa only allows you to work no more than 28 hours per week, mostly for labor part-time jobs. To obtain an engineer visa, you need to have a Computer Science related BS degree or 10 years of related experience.


My current (soon to be past) company has been looking for iOS developers for the past two years. mid range salary (4-6M) with some experience to have at least published an app to the store.

None. Zero ! iOS developers are in real high demand.