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Improving Employability


I am Kevin, a 22 year old software engineer from Australia. I have recently completed a dual of Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering - Computer and Software Systems with Honours and Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology - Computer Science. I am currently working full-time for a company called iSimulate and I’m about to reach my 2 year mark here. I’ve also had some work experience for a year at another company. Here’s my LinkedIn

It’s a goal of mine to move to Japan, working as a software engineer. It will not in the immediate future as I would like to gain more experience before moving forward. Currently, I am taking a few courses of Japanese in a university to move beyond a beginner/conversational level.

I have a variety of experience in a number of software and electrical engineering fields, however, software development is my passion. My focus as of right now is iOS development in both Objective-C and Swift. But I also have experience in the following:

  • C
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C#
  • F#
  • HTML
  • Cloud - AWS, Docker

Outside of work, I am slowly completing my website and practicing app development in iOS.

Is the only thing I can do to gain my better prospects for securing a job is learning Japanese and gaining more experience from work? I believe securing a visa would not be difficult for my situation. The primary thing that concerns me is job hunting.

Thanks for your advice,
Kevin :slight_smile:

As an Australian, you’re eligible for the working holiday visa. If you were to come over on a working holiday, there’s a good chance you could find something.

From your LinkedIn profile, it seems like you have a lot going on at once. At the same time, you’re listing yourself as working at Entegy Pty Ltd and iSimulate, while simultaneously completing two degrees. Looking at this from the perspective of a potential employer, this is a bit confusing. I’d consider how you could simplify things.

It has been a continuous issue trying to explain my work to others. Although I am employed at Entegy, the company which produces event related content, my work has no connection whatsoever to the company. In reality, every single thing I do is for iSimulate - medical technology. It would be ideal to remove one of those listings but then the people who I have talked to and recruiters that approach me develop a misunderstanding of experience. I think it would be fine to remove the Entegy listing under my work experience to avoid any connection with the events industry.

As for the education experience, it is correct that I have undertaken two recognised and separate degrees. Although they both seem software related, Computer and Software Engineering from my university is a blend between electrical engineering and software engineering. Computer Science on the other hand is strictly software.

The point of your LinkedIn profile (or resume) is to give employers a quick overview of your career. They don’t necessarily need to understand the nuanced details of it.

If you’re not employed by both companies, I’d only list one of them. You could always make a small note clarifying the relationship at the end of your description of experience at the company.

Similarly, I understand there are subtle differences between Computer and Software Engineering and Computer Science. However, from an employers perspective, I think it is rarely going to make a difference that you have both, so personally I’d just pick one as the main degree, and have a note about the other.

Keep in mind that someone screening your resume is probably going to spend at most 30 seconds looking at it. If you have something unusual on it, they’ll waste their energy focusing on that, rather than any relevant experience you have.