I am planning to move to japan ?can i get a developer job?

i have completed my diploma in computer engineering and working as a php developer since 3 years . i have a good knowledge of frontend and backend .i am well familiar with php framework as laravel , codeigniter and wordpress and also i have good knowledge of java ,c # and android development. i am thinking of coming to japan as in student visa and pursue my dream as developer in japan because my lot of friends are currently in japan.so my question is can i get a job as a programmer ? i have completed my diploma in computeer engineering but i dropped out of my bachelor in computer engineering so can my diploma level and experience will be enough to pursue my dream as a developer in japan >

To qualify for an engineering visa in Japan, you need 10 years work experience or a relevant degree (such as computer science). A diploma doesn’t count.

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There might be an option, that can help you to validate your Visa.

  1. Continues your studies in Japan as a Student, applying for a Student Visa this one can be Cultural (Language) or the career you previously had. With this Visa, you are allowed to work 27/28h per week.

  2. Find a job or remote job that allows you to complete 10years you need to apply for your Visa.

  3. Try to finish your current career or get into another technical Insitute that is considered as Short term University (2 years) to get a diploma and apply for your Engineer Visa in Japan.