How do I get a Rails job in Japan with WH visa?

Hi everyone !

I am a junior Rails Developer in Taiwan. and I am interested working and living in Japan. Japan is a amazing place with awesome national view ! Last week , I got the Working Holiday VISA. that’s mean I have a chance to live in Japan about one year !

I have read Mr. McMahon’s Blog. and trying to find some information about Ruby or Rails Job in Japan. After that, I got into a jam.

First, I am not a senior developer. and my english and japanese are not good at all.
Second, I am not a native. Just a foreigner with WH visa, will they hire me as a developer?

My friends tell that the best way to me is go to the Asakusa.rb or other local community maybe I can find the employer. But I am not sure is that polite in Japan ?

When I search information on the Internet, I found that some company show "We are hiring."on company’s website. Can I send Email with my resume ?

Sorry my questions is a bit dumb and my english is not fluently. But I really want to work as a developer in Japan - Origin of Ruby.

Thank you , everyone.

Great to hear you actually made it to Japan - coming here is the first step!

I don’t know about your Japanese skills, but you seem good enough at English to be able to communicate on the job in it.

I think attending community events is a great place to start. Here’s a list of international friendly developer events in Japan. As long as you are also interested in the event, asking around about finding a job is a great thing to do. I’d ask other participants of the event if they have any suggestions for companies that might be interesting to work for. In particular, I’d try to talk to the organizer of the event, as they tend to know companies looking for developers.

As for applying to companies you find on the internet, yes, I’d say go for it and apply. Rather than trying to apply to a large number of companies, I’d recommend focusing on finding a couple of companies you are really enthusiastic about working for. Then tailor your mail to be really specific to that company and why you want to work for it. If it’s a smaller company, you might also try to figure out who the CTO / lead developer is, and contact them directly (twitter is probably best here). Sometimes if you just send a mail to the company, it might get overlooked, so reaching out to someone working there increases your chances.

Best of luck in your search!

Thank you for your reply. Mr. McMahon.
Your advise and the event list is so helpful to me.

I plan to go to Japan in March next year. and now I am preparing some form and document for WH.In recent days, I found some good and small company’s information. I send the email but there’s still no reply. So I think maybe next company I should try contact by twitter HAHA.

Thanks again. Appreciate your response.