How can I connect with outsourcing companies in Japan?

Hi Paul,
I am CEO of VnValley Software company.

VnValley is the leading company on MEAN Stack and Javascript in Vietnam, founder of Vietnam’s Node.JS and Angular.JS community.

Our team consists of highly-skilled engineers with 5-10 years of experience in software development and accustom to Agile software development toolkits such as Scrum, XP(TDD), DDD. We are confident that we can adapt well to the increasing demand for quantity as well as quality.

With many experts, we are trying to reach for partners from all around the world. We have partners from US,UK,DE, FR, Sweden, Singapore. And now I do want to go to Japanese Market

Could you please give me some suggestion, how can I find some Japanese company who want to outsource their job. I’m preparing to join Japan IT week expo in May 2016, I think it’s a good way

Thanks Paul

Outsourcing isn’t something I have experience with personally. Rather than directly looking for customers though, you might find it easier to go after a local partner who handles the sales side of things. I’m not sure if those kind of companies go to Japan IT week expo though.

One challenge is that I think most information is going to be in Japanese. You might hire a Japanese virtual assistant, like I talk about in this article, to help you do some research into it.

I’d also try talking to some other companies that are doing outsourcing between Japan and Vietnam. On my webservice, Doorkeeper, I noticed this community looks to be organised by someone with that kind of connection. You could look at the companies the event was held at and get in touch with them.

Thanks Paul, le me try something following your suggestion :smiley: