Hiring season in Japan?


First, I want to say thank you for having a very informative blog for developers, and tech guys alike who are seeking employment in Japan.

About myself, I have a little over 2 years experience as a software engineer with a defense company. I am currently working in software deployment in the cloud infrastructure. Mainly IaaS utilizing AWS and several DevOps tools for automation and continuous integration and delivery.

Besides my introduction, I have a short question. Not quite sure if this was answered already…but if it was, I apologize.

Do majority of the tech companies in Japan hire new graduates or experience by seasons or year round?

Looking forward to a response!

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Traditionally Japanese companies will hire students at one time of the year (this article covers it in more detail). However, this method is normally only applicable to students going through the Japanese education system. Since you’ve already started working, you’d be considered a “mid-career” hire, and those get hired anytime.

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Thanks for the quick response, Paul! I know for the fact that Rakuten used to hire during the season, but changed their gameplay by hiring year round instead. Not quite sure if thats the case for other companies, but since you mention mid-careers are hired year round, that would make sense. Either way, that gives me a better idea when to apply.

Thanks again!

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