Good idea to attend meetup event as a foreigner

Hi, I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to attend a meetup event during my trip/vacation to Japan? I don’t have a job in Japan but have always wanted to connect/network at least but not sure if that is allowed/accepted.


Attending developer events in another country can be a great experience, so I’d recommend seeing if anything overlaps. If you give me your dates and area of interest, I’m happy to point out any relevant events.

One thing to note is that while there are some international developer events, there’s far more in Japanese. While these can be a good experience even if you’re not a fluent Japanese speaker, if you speak no Japanese at all, it might be challenging.

Another thing to consider is doing a presentation at an event, as this makes it much easier to make connections. There are several annual developer conferences here, which have a more formalized RFP process, but you could also just ping organisers of any local meetup you’re interested in.

Thanks for the reply. I’m a front end developer mostly, CSS, jQuery, and some ROR (but just on my own, no experience). Ideally would like to get connections that could potentially lead to a job or freelance work would be even better. But also just general networking would be fine with me. I have not decided on when I will go to Japan yet.