Good afternoon from China!

Hey guys. My name is Nathan and I’m currently a teacher in China. I used to live in Osaka, a few years ago, but I’m hoping to get a web developer job in Japan soon!

I’ve been teaching myself web development for the past couple of years. I’ve focused on Javascript and recently I’ve started to learn React Native. I also took the time to learn Ruby and Rails, although this was for a project I’m currently doing. However, I decided to go back to Javascript and use react since it’s better to make a mobile app using React Native and Javascript.

Anyways… I’m hoping to get to know everyone here and maybe find a job in Japan at some point in the near future.

While it is possible to teach yourself to be a developer, to get a visa to be a developer you in principle need a comp sci degree (or something similar) or ten years work experience. If that’s not the case, there are some workarounds, but they make it much more difficult to get a job here.

late reply, I know… guess that means i just gotta keep building and hope to get a job back in the States with projects on GitHub.