Getting a .Net Programmer Job in Japan

Hi, I am considering to find a job in Japan as I have been interested in their culture. I have a upper second class honours in BSc in Computer Science major in Software Engineering.

I have been working for 4 years as a .net software specialist based on c# and I have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. During my employment, I have involved in developing embedded system software, kiosk software, as400 integration website and school portal with smartphone integration. Although I work with smartphone but what i mostly done is server side integration.

In term of language, I have native knowledge of Chinese, English and Malay in form of writing, reading and speaking. As for Japanese, I can only to speak simple Japanese and read simple sentences.

I plan to take Japanese language classes for one or two year to improve my Japanese. So I would like to ask what is the minimum requirement of JLPT level do I need to have a better chance finding a job in Japan and will my current skill set be enough for me to look for a job in Japan?

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t any hard and fast rules for coming to Japan and finding a job. There are jobs available here where no Japanese is required. Other jobs want fluency in Japanese (usually at least JLPT 2). The better your Japanese, the greater the likelihood you’ll find a job here. However, there isn’t any score that will guarantee you a job here.

Ultimately, getting a job here comes down to how much risk you’re willing to take. It’s possible for you to come over here and start looking for a job now. If you’re a technically talented developer who is really motivated to get a job, you could probably find something, but it isn’t guaranteed.

Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it.
You are right, there is no hard and fast rules to get a job. It depend on your dedication and motivation to work for a person.
In that case I will look for a school to improve my Japanese and at the same time to look for a job there.

Wanna ask one more question, if i am applying for a programming job, will it be a engineering visa?

Generally speaking, yes, you would use an engineering visa. However, a company will sponsor the visa so it isn’t something you do before you get a job.

Ok. Thanks for the clarification.