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Fully remote vs onsite these days

Hi all,
Very new here and was just wondering… these days do tech jobs even still consider employees from abroad for working onsite? A lot of jobs are fully remote and I actually have a preference for working in an office within Japan.
Just curious if thats still the climate or are we seeing a shift like many other places where most teams are being comprised of fully remote employees.


As of November 2021, 68% of international developers in Japan were working fully remotely, and only 4% were exclusively going into an office.

Of the 141 positions I’m listing on TokyoDev, only 3 require people to visit an office daily. The rest are fully remote, or some combination of remote and going to an office. All of these positions already require you to be in Japan though.

So if you’re wanting to work at a company where everyone comes to the office everyday, it might be challenging. But if you’re okay with a more flexible environment, there should be some options.