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Full remote working

I am a full stack developer who has more than 8 years of experiences in software developing and my main tech stack is that backend is based on node(especially, Express) and frontend is based on react. Also strong experiences in Next.js, React Native and blockchain. My main programming language is JavaScript and TypeScript. In the past, I’ve experienced building enterprise website and DeFi app.
Now I am focusing on dapp development such as NFT project or DeFi app using react, web3 and solidity.
I want to work in TokyoDev site.
How can I find a remote job in this site?
Thank you in advance for your help

TokyoDev is aimed at international developers looking for work in Japan, either because they’re already here, or are looking to relocate. While remote work has become quite common among Japanese tech companies, many of them still want the person to be physically present in Japan, which I’m not sure matches what you’re looking for. I am listing some blockchain related jobs, but at least among the companies posting to TokyoDev, they aren’t as popular as other roles like pure backend development.