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Fresh grad to first job (Already Resident)

Hello and good day,

I will be completing my BSc CS next summer and if I may ask for advice towards seeking that all important first role post graduation.

I am currently a resident (spouse visa / 5 year) and have no visa issues, but my concern is towards, with just having no experience outside of the classroom how to go about looking for an entry level role.

I have the ability to attend a coding boot camp through using military benefits to try and shore up areas where my degree courses may be lacking in (i.e. : full stack web dev for specialization), but would that be recommended? Or to concentrate on self-projects / portfolio building / self-education and finding an overseas / remote option first, before trying to break into a JP based dev role?

Thank you for any insight or advice.


Since you’re still a university student, you could look for “new grad” positions at Japanese companies. Typically, Japanese companies will make offers to university students when they’re in their third / fourth year for work post graduation. See this Sansan position for instance. Generally positions like this aren’t listed on a job board like mine though.

With the uncertainty around border closures, companies tend to only be wanting to hire international students based in Japan, but there’s not so many of them here right now. I’d start searching out and applying for these positions.

You could also try getting in contact with this recruitment firm, which specializes in placing international students in Japan. I met the founder once years ago, and don’t have any experience working with them, so if you do contact, please report back on your experience.

A coding bootcamp could be a backup option. As a CS grad, you’d be getting less value out of it compared to someone with no development background. Doing a Japan based one has the added bonus of being able to tap into their alumni network for job hunting.

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Thanks very much for the reply and the links. I will be sure to check them out.