Finding work with minimal experience

I used to be a PHP developer (LAMP stack) back home for a year and half, I stopped to work in 2017 to finish my CS degree, graduating in 2018.

Came to japan about 2 and a half months ago trying my luck (my fathers Japanese so I have no problems with visa). After a couple failed applications I decided to step back for now, work other jobs while I take japanese classes while I build my skills up (people suggest I learn python and node), build a portfolio and try again someday when Im more confident.

Im looking for professional opinion, is this method going to get me nowhere? will doing this just make me more undesirable to employers as time passes? I know experience is everything and it was stupid to come here the way I did, Im considering intensive bootcamps as a stepping stone just to make me more employable but one very good one in particular will be very expensive to take.

I know this place are mostly for people with alot of experience in their belt but I just need to hear it from them directly.


It depends on how old you are. But no, building up your skills is never a bad choice.

The first job is always the most difficult to get. Once you have 2-3 years experience under your belt, lots of doors will open for you. Keep your expectations low for the first one, but keep your radar open as well. Never give up on looking. Even when you are building up your skills and building a portfolio.

Good luck !

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I’m not sure I’d recommend Python and Node as the best choice for Tokyo. I’d personally go for Rails and/or React due to the local ecosystem.

Also, are you going to dev events? If not, 100% go to as many as you can and talk to as many people as possible. But definitely don’t tell them you’re having trouble finding work, just say you’re looking for a cool opportunity to grow as an engineer.

You’re right that portfolio is super important, so definitely ensure that’s solid.

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